African Shea Butter

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What is African Shea Butter?

African Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of a fruit that grows only on the magnifolia tree in Central and Western Africa. The pits are taken from the fruit, boiled, and then sun dried for 3 – 5 days before they are roasted to complete dehydration. Afterwards, the African Shea Butter is extracted by hand from the pit of the fruit. This long, arduous process has provided what is commonly called ‘The most beneficial All-Natural Skin product today.’

African Shea Butter is now becoming one of the best-selling and most highly recommended skin care products found. Dermatologists everywhere are starting to recommend this product to their patients, and many cosmetic companies in France and the USA are putting African Shea Butter in their products. In order for you to fully enjoy the benefits of this product it might help you to know how this product can work specifically for you.

Healing properties: African Shea Butter has a vast number of proven healing properties stemming from its physical makeup of vitamin E, vitamin A and cinnamic acid to name a few. African Shea Butters ingredients increase the healing of wounds and improve scars. It is commonly used in the treatment of eczema, rashes, burns, and severely dry skin.

Skin protection: African Shea Butter contains natural UV sun protection. Daily use of African Shea Butter on the face and body drastically reduces sun exposure, which in turn slows down the rate of aging due to external factors.

Skin moisturizer: African Shea Butter leaves skin smooth, supple and soft. It is rapidly becoming the #1 moisturizing agent used today. It quickly provides stretch mark prevention and healing, as well as healing of bruises and burns

Here is a quick reference list of the benefits of African Shea Butter:

• Helps heal scars, burns, and stretch marks.

• Prevents ashy skin, chapping, and skin rashes.

• An ideal hair dressing that protects the scalp from sores and rashes and prevents dandruff.

• Helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out.

• Fortifies cuticles and nails.

• Helps blemishes and wrinkles ,tough or rough skin (Feet, Elbow) cold weather

• Helps dermatitis

• Helps reduce aging

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